Musicians & Performing Artists

Photistica Studios is an experienced provider of Photography Services to Musicians and Artists.   


  • Live Concert photography

  • Musician headshots/portraits

  • Musical events and fundraisers

  • Night Market Festivals & Edgewater Events (stage performance photography)

  • Band photos for Press Releases, CD Covers, website and social media platforms.

I have experience being the head photographer at Night Market Festivals, providing photos live on stage and band photos and headshots in a studio set up close to the main stage. I sang and performed and was the backstage assistant for the performers. I also worked the lighting stage effects and helped photograph a few of the performers at 2010 Edgewater Olympic Event. I have photographed many aspiring musicians at several different Vancouver pubs and venues.

Steph Lang, Racheal Chatoor, Karen Holness, The Bobcats Band to name a few musicians & bands I had the honor of photographing.

Sarah took some great photos of my wife and I as we performedfor an outdoor wedding on a chilly, December morning. Greatphotos, sent to us super quick and she even made us look like weweren't shivering to death from the cold!

Stephen Bulat

Owner, Mix Media Production